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Yamada Corporation is a family owned engineering company headquartered in Tokyo Japan and has been a leading producer of industrial equipment since 1905.

Yamada has over 60 years experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of fluid handling products, with a comprehensive range of pumps and accessories that are well known throughout the world for their quality and reliability.

As well as various other manufacturing facilities scattered throughout the Tokyo region, Yamada also provides Sales & Distribution to every region in Japan and has three overseas subsidiary companies strategically located in The Netherlands, Chicago Illinois, and Shanghai China.

Yamada Europe B.V. is a fully owed subsidiary of Yamada Corporation and was opened in 1986 as the central distribution point for Europe, The Middle East and in Africa, with facilities including a large fully stocked warehouse, Pump Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly and Service Departments.

Yamada Europe is focused on maintaining the Yamada Corporate Philosophy; providing high quality and reliable engineered products at competitive prices, coupled together with a professional and knowledgeable international sales team, offering face to face support to every customer in our region.

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diaphragm pumps
piston pumps
industrial and lubrication equipment

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