Air Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps

Yamada has been involved with the design and manufacture of AODD’s since the 1950’s and currently has over 300 models available in the standard pump line-up. The first DP serie was designed in 1965 and in 1967 these pumps where patented in Japan. Yamada also produces specialized pump lines such as the High & Ultra High Purity F series as well as offering pumps with specifications required for different regions around the world. Yamada is considered to be a leader in the field of Diaphragm pumps and has one of the largest diaphragm pump ranges available in the world today. 

Yamada’s philosophy has always been of producing a high quality Chemical process style pump with a focus on customer satisfaction. Yamada has strived to differentiate itself through the use of superior engineering and manufacturing processes to create a pump that offers high quality, high reliability and value for money.

Air Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps are used in a multitude of industries and applications and compared to other kinds of Pumps, exhibit these main characteristics; 

  • They are Portable, Air Powered and a 1:1 Ratio Pump
  • They have No Mechanical Seals, Couplings or Gears
  • They can handle a Huge Variety of Fluids including almost Any Type of Chemical
  • They offer Variable Flow Rates & Variable Discharge Pressures
  • The have Excellent Solids (slurry)Handling abilities
  • They are Excellent Against Abrasive Particles
  • They Can Be Dry Primed and have excellent Suction Lift abilities
  • They Can Run Dry without Damage
  • An AODD Pump Can be Dead Headed
  • They offer Low Shear Capabilities
  • They are Submersible
  • They are Low Maintenance & are Relatively Cheap

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