Electronical Controlled Series

Yamada has a long-time experience with solenoid controlled pumps and has set the new standard for this specific type of pumps. Solenoid valves are the most frequently used control elements in fluidics. Their tasks are to shut off, release, dose, distribute or mix fluids. They are found in many application areas. Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability, long service life, low control and compact design.

NDP-5 (N)DP-10/15 NDP-20/25/32 NDP-40/50/80
Valve version 5/3 Valve 5/3 Valve 5/3 Valve 5/3 Valve
Valve standard Iso 0 Valve Iso 1 Valve Iso 2 Valve Iso 4 Valve


All pumps can be combined with a sensor for center rod movement detection, stroke or cycle counting, sensor shifting or in extreme situations for calibration. With cycle length calibration a PLC is able to use just a certain percentage of the cycle movement for fine dosing.

Proximity Sensors (ATEX “PX” & Non- ATEX “P2”)

The working principle of our proximity sensors is a based movement detection of the spool or centre rod. It can be used to count cycles for maintenance indication, creating batches and process controlling, or with the sensor you could create a dosing pump.

Electrical On/Off solenoids. (ATEX “RMX” & Non-Atex “RM”)

The Remote Mounted versions of the solenoid controlled pumps provide you with the opportunity to switch a standard AODD-pump ON and OFF from a distance. In this way you could start and/or stop the pump from a control room.

  • On/Off control for Batch: In combination with a proximity sensor or a weight unit
  • On/Off control Dry run: In combination with a proximity sensor and the control box
  • On/Off control Leak detection: In combination with leak sensors

Electrical Control pump movement. (ATEX “DM(B)X” & Non-ATEX “DM(B)”)

For the NDP-5, 10 and 15 pump series we created the direct mounted execution where the solenoid is mounted on a base-plate and through external connections the pump will be solenoid controlled. For the NDP-20, 25, 40, 50 and 80 pump series a direct mounted body is available. This means that the solenoid is directly mounted on the air motor. Features of this electrical option:

  • Digital control pump movement
  • Speed frequencies due to time shifting
  • Speed frequencies due to sensor controlling
  • Creating batches based on shift moments
  • Quick shift reaction time

Leak detection (ATEX & Non-Atex “Q”)

The leak detector is only for conductive fluids, in case of a diaphragm rupture, the conductive liquid will be detected by the conductive pins of the sensor. The leak detector can protect people, pump, application, environment and expensive fluid.

Yamada’s range of electrical controlled pumps with direct mounted 5/3 solenoid valves 24V DC are specially designed for process applications which require, metering, batching or variable of constant flow control. These pumps offer extreme operation reliability, parts life time and a perfect balanced energy consumption. They are well suited to intense process applications.


  • Accurate flow control and measurement options
  • Less parts and extended life expectancy
  • Low pressure movement (from 0.7 Bar) possible in some cases
  • Non stalling, electric actuated spool
  • Pump working and cycle detection
  • Easy fine tuning
  • Batch possibility
  • Preventing overhauling
  • Always full stroke through sensor shifting when using
  • ATEX-version available (X)
  • Optimum air consumption
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