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Study Case - 2021 Turkey

Yamada pump model: NDP-15BAC & NDP-20BAN

Industry/Branch: Metalworking and Surface Preparation

Application/Process/Fluid: Pumping of abrasive mixed water to the blasting nozzle mechanism

Country: Turkey

A customer approached our Yamada representative in Turkey to get engineering help at the design stage of a complete new type of machines. Before doing so they already contacted other local Turkish manufacturers of AODD pumps as well as foreign but were not satisfied with the outcome. Although there are various types of dry blasting machines in this product range,
the customer required a wet blasting solution as it gives a far better surface quality and in a shorter time.

The major challenges for an AODD pump in this application are body material durability and diaphragm longevity. Aluminum oxide, glass beads and glass sand are the most common abrasives used in this kind of applications and those are not too kind to any pump. But our Yamada Japanese AODD pumps like their challenges and proved again to be a top class product made to last. Our CR diaphragms are normally your best choice for very abrasive liquids, of course only of they are also chemically compatible. The right approach to the customer and the technical knowledge of the local Yamada dealer in Turkey led to a very intensive and mutually positive cooperation.

Study case Turkey
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