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NDP-10BP discontinued

With this we would like to inform you that Yamada Corporation has decided to discontinue the NDP-10BP.-series pumps. The 3/8” pumps PPG with Ryton motor.

For the future we recommend to choose the NDP-15FP / BP. series or the G15P.00 series. Both series have a chemical compatible motor and this makes them well suited for use in the chemical industry to pump diluted acids and bases

We still have spare parts and kits available: manifolds, pump chambers and pump basis are available until the stock runs out. The motor parts of the pump are the same as from the NDP-15 series, we can still offer them.

Available kits

Diaphragm kits: KN10D-PC, KN10D-PE, KN10D-PH, KN10D-PN, KN10D-PS, KN10D-PT, KN10D-PV
Valve kits: K10V-PC, K10V-PE, K10V-PH, K10V-PN, K10V-PS, K10V-PT, K10V-PV
Air motor kits: K10/15-AM
Air motor seal kit: K10/15-AMS

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