With this we like to inform you that Yamada Europe will stop immediately with the production for pumps size 80 with the so named “T-A” diaphragm. Diaphragm support these old models is possible until we run out of stock. A PTFE diaphragm with a glued conductive hytrel backing, to meet the old ATEX conformity for these size pumps.

We can no longer guarantee the supply from our supplier and the quality of these diaphragms. To compensate this lost, we have these days the TU diaphragms. A high quality diaphragm who meets a life time comparable with others like Garlock®/Gore®. Diaphragms with a long life time, easy clean surface and suitable inside the ATEX conformity. A diaphragm with a liter per minute performance equal to rubber fitted pumps. Diaphragms who have already proven themselves in the field for sizes 40 and 50. From now the whole TU family is complete.

For the NDP-80 pumps fitted with T-A diaphragms, but also for other standard PTFE fitted pumps we offer a convert kit with TU diaphragms.  For pumps size 80 metal we offer the K80D-TU1 and for pump size PPG we offer the convert kit K80D-PTU1.

When you decide to upgrade your existing field pump, please inform Yamada Europe which pump it is, + serial number, and order a new serial number plate together with the convert kit. In this way you will keep a legal product with correct type plate information

TU diaphragm
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