Differences between pumps of G-series

Not all pumps of G-series are the same. Though they have the same construction they still have some differences, which might be confusing for those, who is not aware of them.


Our plastic pumps G15P and G15V with PTFE diaphragms have additional backup diaphragms (so, two diaphragms per side and four in total per pump). This is only relevant for pumps equipped with PTFE diaphragms! Meanwhile our metal G-series pumps – G15A and G15S – with PTFE diaphragms don’t have additional backup diaphragms. So, they have only 1 diaphragm per side and two in total per pump.

Ball guides

There is also a difference in the ball guides of our G-serie pumps. The G15P and G15V don’t have separate ball guides, the ball guides are molded in the manifold and pump chambers. Meanwhile the G15A and G15S have standard 3-piece check valve construction with separate ball guides, balls and seats.

Valve seats

Another difference can be found in the G15 plastic pump, this pump has 2-piece combined valve seats. Metal pumps of G-series have standard one-piece seats.

Air valve

The G15-series metal pumps have integral an air valve, it is built in the air motor body. The G25 and G15 plastic pumps have a separate air valve, which can be detached from the pump body.

Anti-vibration rubber feet

The last difference is that our G25A pump doesn’t include the rubber feet. It is possible to you order them separately as follows: 770551 (rubber feet), 611148 (bolt), 682276 (nut). The same goes for G15P and G15V pumps: no rubber feet are included. You can also order them separately: 770551 (rubber feet), 611135 (bolt), 682276 (nut). However, metal G15 pumps do come WITH rubber feet.


Please download our flyer, for more pictures and explanation of the differences, or contact us if you would like to know more!

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