Drum Kits

We are introducing new drum kits for our existing pumps, these kits allow you to rebuild the standard pump into a drum pump.

The drum kits will be introduced because Yamada has stopped producing the drum version of the following pumps: NDP-15, NDP-P20, DP-10 in SUS. Specially for these pumps, these drum kits are created. When you order a standard pump + our new drum kit, it will allow you to have a drum pump as result. The rebuilding process is very simple, clear, good explained and easy. All the drum kits contain everything you need for the process, like bung locks, bushings, tubes, couplings, elbows, down manifolds etc.

Drum Kits G-serie

Our G-series pumps are not available as drum pumps, however Yamada has also created a solution in the form of drum kits to convert the G15 Polypropylene and Aluminum pump into a drum pump. These kits contain all the necessary parts to convert the standard g-serie pump into a drum pump.

Please find in the tabel below the options, what the specific drum kits include and which parts can be sold seperately.

tabel drum kits

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