Repair/Overhaul kits for Yamada pumps

Yamada Europe offers a wide range of repair kits for all existing Yamada pumps. Find more about the 5 main repair kits types.

Diaphragm kit (D): includes all necessary spare parts to replace the diaphragms.

Valve kit (V): includes valve assemblies and O-rings for successful replacement of valves.

Air motor kit (AM): includes C-spool, pilot valves and all necessary bearings, packings, gaskets, cushions, O-rings and springs to repair an air motor successfully.

Air motor seal kit (AMS): includes the same content as the AM-kit minus hardware: only packings, gaskets and O-rings to replace the seals in the case of wear out.

Wet end repair kit: the small mix of D- and V-kits. Includes diaphragms, ball valves, (valve seats) and O-rings.

One more additional kit:

Convert kit: allows to upgrade your existing pump to TU diaphragms. Includes all necessary spare parts to successfully replace PTFE diaphragms with TU.

Why ordering repair kits instead of separate spare parts:

  • You need to order only one article instead of going through the list of spare parts and order many separate parts with the risk of forgetting some smaller parts (like for example O-rings).
  • Every repair kit contains an exploded view of the pump so that the pump can be assembled correctly. At the point when the time for maintenance has come, pump manuals are often lost and there is a danger that, without the pump drawings, it could be assembled in the wrong way.
  • It makes more sense to replace all related relevant parts at the same time. If you replace, for example, only one diaphragm, you may encounter an unscheduled maintenance soon after that, because of the diaphragm failure on the other side or because of O-rings wearing out. It is much easier and cost effective to replace everything at once and be
    sure that there will be no unexpected problems.
  • Kits more economical than separate parts, because they require less handling an come at a better price.
  • Using original Yamada parts will ensure that your products will remain ATEX approved and safe to use.


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