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Max. fluid temperature 82 ℃ | 179.6 F
Valve type Ball

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Specifications of NDP-40BP

Max. fluid
82 ℃ | 179.6 F

Valve type

Maximum capacity
405 liters/min | 106.99 gallons/min

Port size
40 mm | 1-1/2 "

Max. fluid temperature82 ℃ | 179.6 F

Valve typeBall

Maximum capacity405 liters/min | 106.99 gallons/min

Port size40 mm | 1-1/2 "

Air Supply Pressure1,4 - 7 Bar (0,14 - 0,7 MPa)

Discharge Volume per CycleRubber diaphragm: 2,74 liters PTFE diaphragm: 1,40 liters

Maximum Cycles per MinuteRubber diaphragm: 148 PTFE diaphragm: 270

Maximum Size Solid7,0 mm (9/32")

Maximum Dry Suction Lift5,5 m

Body materialPolypropylane (PPG)

Diaphragm materialEPDM (E)
Hytrel® (H)
Neoprene (C)
Santoprene (S)
Viton (V)

Air motorStandard: Aluminum

Air motor option Teflon-coated, Electroless Nickel Plated

Available kits (Diaphragm / Valve / Wet End Repair / Air Motor / Air Motor Seal)

  • NDP-40BPC                        K40D-PC, K40V-PC, K40-PC, K40/50-AM, K40/50/80-AMS
  • NDP-40BPN                       K40D-PN, K40V-PN, K40-PN, K40/50-AM, K40/50/80-AMS
  • NDP-40BPE                        K40D-PE, K40V-PE, K40-PE, K40/50-AM, K40/50/80-AMS
  • NDP-40BPH                       K40D-PH, K40V-PH, K40-PH, K40/50-AM, K40/50/80-AMS
  • NDP-40BPS                        K40D-PS, K40V-PS, K40-PS, K40/50-AM, K40/50/80-AMS
  • NDP-40BPV                       K40D-PV, K40V-PV, K40-PV, K40/50-AM, K40/50/80-AMS
  • NDP-40BPT                        K40D-PT, K40V-PT, K40-PT, K40/50-AM, K40/50/80-AMS
  • NDP-40BPTU                        K40D-PTU, K40V-PT, K40-PTU, K40/50-AM, K40/50/80-AMS

Please note if you have a special pump or add-on, it’s possible you also need a special provided kit. Contact us for your options. 

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